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Violence in Video Games

Video games are becoming increasingly popular nowadays, and have gone a long way since their early beginnings in the 70’s, and are now a multi-billion dollar industry. Long gone are the days when people had to go to arcades in order to play video games and when the only game you could play at home was the famous Pong. Almost 5 decades later, video game consoles are a staple for every household with teenagers and young adults, with thousands of video game titles available. Technology has evolved, allowing for graphics that seem almost real. A great number of video game titles have some sort of violent theme, some of which are extremely graphic. It is a growing concern that exposure to this type of content could have a negative impact on the population, especially the most vulnerable demographic, which are children, and whether or not violent video games could cause a change in behavior. Numerous studies have been conducted in order to establish whether a link exists between playing violent video games and a change in behavior, but most of them have failed to do so. Some people claim that some of the shootings that have occurred at schools in the US have stemmed from the perpetrators playing violent video games obsessively. Anders Brejvik, responsible for the killings of 77 people in Norway in 2011, is said to have used the video game Call of Duty as preparation for the event.  Even though it seems like a very straightforward question to ask, there’s still no definite answer and remains a topic of discussion

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2 thoughts on “Current Events I

  1. As stated in this post, many studies failed to prove the connection between violent video games and a change in behavior in children and teenagers, I do not think that violent video games influence on young people to make them to commit crimes or act violently. It is true that teenagers are surrounded with all kind`s of violent video games, but it is very rare to hear news that someone committed a crime because he or she played these games. Oppositely, these games help to release the aggressive feelings safely because of the catharsis that people feel during the play. Therefore, before adults start to concern if violent games will negatively affect on children or young adults, they should ask these questions and try answer themselves: Are there other ways to release violent, anger or other negative feelings except playing violent video games for children and teenagers?, How adults gonna restrict their children from playing these games?, Why people just believe what is media says about this topic without thinking the other side? Are parents educated their children that a game world and a real world are different? and Are there any other reasons why criminals committed violent besides violent games?


  2. I dont agree that games will make you go kill somebody its more nature vs nurture talk. As we see way more violent content in television , video games often work more as a way to stimulate the need to shoot someone by letting you shoot someone in COD and yell at them over internet.


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