For Further Research

The Center for Media Literacy’s website counts with numerous articles that can help better understand some of the issues connected with violence in the media. “Like Money on the Bank: Understanding Media’s Investment in Violence”, “Beyond Blame: Challenging Violence in the Media” and “Media Violence: What if We Changed the Question?” are very good articles that can be found on the website, they’re useful for understanding why violence is so popular in the media and also provide guidelines for what course of action can be taken in order to prevent some of the consequences.

The PsychCentral website has many interesting articles on different topics, and I found their selection of articles regarding violence in video games to be quite comprehensive. The topics vary from desensitization to how people who game develop a connection with each other.

MediaSmarts is a website where you can find articles that evaluate the other side of the coin, instead of focusing only on the negative and harmful effects of media. They evaluate the issue from an objective point of view and I particularly enjoyed their article “What do we Know About Media Violence?”


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